Exhibit / Sponsor

**Book early for 2021/2022**

Looking for opportunities to increase your business visibility? Working on becoming more involved in the Ealing business community? The Ealing Business Expo Online is the ideal place for you to take an exhibition stand, or to participate as an event sponsor or supporter. Book early to save a place as soon as our next event dates become available.

(final figures: no VAT to be added)

Day 1 stand (online only) – £100

Day 2 stand (online only) – £100

Full sponsorship (premium stand, both days) – £1500

Support-sponsorship (no stand) – £200

Expo Guide advertising – £50 per quarter page


The Information Guides below (links open into PDFs) were last updated for a hybrid event, so please only consider the online aspects, and then fill out and send us the application form below.

Part 1: Thinking About Exhibiting
Part 2: Benefits of Sponsorship
Part 3.1: Welcome to New Exhibitors
Part 3.2: Sponsors Welcome Pack
Part 4: Preparing Your Stand

Part 5: *NEW* Hybrid event planning

Here are all five parts laid out all together in a magazine format, at issuu.com: CLICK/TAP to read

Exhibitor Application Form

(Note that payment via bank transfer is due before submitting this form)

Most recent update: 10 February 2021